An idea was born. After years of thinking of creating her own business Nikkia Preval finally came up with one. A Cupcakery! Yes, that was the answer! Offering a wide range of Alcohol Infused cupcakes to choose from. Over the course of a few years planning recipes. She started a home bakery in 2013. Now together the family have created Last Call 4 Cupcakes a one -of - a kind venture aimed at making your day unique and special. Last Call 4 Cupcakes is family owned and operated. We love the adventure. We learn something new every day and I'm a firm believer that when we stop learning, we'll stop growing.

Last Call 4 Cupcakes was born from the love of making people smile. Nikkia's sister Desiree likes Bailey's Cupcakes. One conversation about how disappointing the cupcakes she had from another bakery. That conversation inspired her to create Alcohol Infused Cupcakes. Nikkia loved creating recipes and sharing her ideas and experiments with anyone who would try. Today, Nikkia still loves that process! We experiment in the kitchen constantly.

Last Call 4 Cupcakes is Orange County only Alcohol Infused Cupcake Shop. Operated daily Harriman, NY with an ever-changing menu. You can find a selection of assorted cupcakes and have your freshly baked alcohol-infused cupcakes delivered to your door at home or in the office. Last Call 4 Cupcakes has grown into one of the most popular and trusted cupcakery providing Alcohol Infused Cupcakes for events small and large.Last Call 4 Cupcakes offers over 15 flavors of cupcakes, with new flavors created and added to the menu daily.

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